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wow…..already half of 2009 has gone……what a busy first half of the year…

January—traveled to Taiwan to bring Ethan home…. became a family of 4……

February–quickly realized that Ethan didn’t like sleeping and wanted to be held 24/7–exhausted.

March–packed up our duplex

April–moved to our new house  (which meant unpacking…)

May–glimpes of ‘settling in’ on the horizon

June–celebrations with family and unpacking those last boxes…painting, painting & more painting

July–summertime fun and finally feeling ‘settled’ as a family…..

I am so thankful for my family and to ‘be home.’  Although this first half of the year has been very busy–it has been full of blessings and God’s faithfulness admist all the transitions.  So thankful to the Lord for His entrusting J & I to raise these two precious ones and to love them dearly.

Such an amazing gift.

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the coast…

still here…….recovering from jetlag and little e had an ear infection=sleepless nights….

but, sooo good to be home and gracen was so sweet meeting ethan the first time…we got home early at like 6:45am–so we went in her bedroom–and she woke up–rubbed her eyes–and said, “Ethan”–so lovingly and sweetly.  Such a blessing!

Things have been good—-she is going to be a great big sister!

so—-need to post some more pics from taiwan….on monday, we went up the coast on a little tour….

so beautiful.

and then later that night at the hotel….

more to journal–but wanted to update this blog since it has been awhile—

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flights booked!

first, HUGE thanks for all the sweet comments and excitement for us! We are sooooo thrilled that we finally got the call!!!

It’s been a flurry of activity for sure……trying to get our travel plans situated and flights booked….
The crib is up….and oh so cute…..the colors are chocolate and green—love it!

baby toys are unpacked from the basement……can hardly wait!!!!

sweet ethan……..we are coming soon……

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THE CALL!!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord! We received the call this morning that we can travel to Taiwan mid-January to bring sweet Ethan home!!!!!

So completely overjoyed and estactic!!!!!!!!!

we are coming little one…..

What a blessed way to begin the New Year!!!!

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thankful. (and vacation)

so incredibly thankful for my family.

love them so much. what a blessing to be married to my best friend…..

Incredibly thankful that we will soon be a family of four.

thankful and blessed.

enjoy your holiday week with your loved ones……

we are off for vacation for the thanksgiving week! I’ll be away from my computer–so all emails will be returned beginning Monday, December 1.  (store is still open)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! :)

pictures taken my dear friend and Wedding Photographer Partner, Sabreena…. thanks friend!!!!



* for our adoption contracts to come from taiwan…..

praying and hoping they come this week! We need them so we can get them filled out and sent back to begin the court process! So ready to bring our son home!
So much of the adoption process is a “HURRY UP & WAIT” time. We are in the “HURRY UP” stage right now. Anxiously awaiting the documents—to get them authenticated as quickly as possible—so that we can ‘WAIT’ again through the court process…..

love you sweet baby……

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